Our ability to understand, define and transform our clients’ aspirations and objectives is key to our design process. We base our work following the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) plan of work that provides a robust framework to allow us to complete your project on time, on budget and in an efficient manner.

Depending on the project and the needs of the client we can handle the entire project lifecycle from the initial planning processes through to completion. Alternatively we can act as a consultant, assisting only with the design and planning phases and the handover for completion of any works to your own contractor.


After initial contact we’ll arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your individual requirements.

Following an in-depth analysis of your requirements we will first define which of our many services you may require whilst considering your lifestyle, budget and time constraints. We will then start with an initial site survey which will allow us to create project proposals. The briefing stage is a critical phase to ensure we capture all of the requirements so that the subsequent processes are both efficient and effective.


From the brief we develop sketches, mood boards, scale drawings in 2D and 3D and renderings with design solutions for your consideration. Technical drawings include furniture layouts, lighting arrangements and floor plans.

We also provide you with detailed selections of the furniture, fixtures and fittings for you based on individual project sourcing as well as samples of the proposed materials and finishes. This stage allows you to visualise how your space comes to life.


Client approval of the design concept takes the process to the next stage with further refinement of the design and consideration of every detail. Final changes can be implemented before working CAD drawings are produced in conjunction with your architect (where required) or though our own appointed suppliers.

A project timetable is defined with a detailed proposed schedule of works. When relevant accurate estimates of quantities required and budgetary changes are made.

On final client approval the work commences.


Approved designs are transformed into working drawings in preparation for the works to commence on site.

Every area/room is developed with elevations of walls, sketches of proposed window treatments, furnishing, cabinetry, lighting, carpets and floor plans.
Each bespoke item such as fitted cabinets, curtains or kitchens is carefully designed and developed taking care of the finest details and working in close contact with the manufacturer.


At this stage we will be fully ready for the works to start.

Our services includes project coordination and administration. This involves following the completion of the project and working closely with relevant craftsmen, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that each stage of the project is carried out to the highest possible standards.


Our aim is the client’s satisfaction. We carry out final snagging to ensure we deliver the best possible result.


Construction work is complex and we deal with every project as unique and one-off. We understand how stressful and daunting it can feel as many people, materials and weather conditions are involved in the process, all of which are liable to ‘variations’.

Our aim is to solve all of these problems and make the whole experience pleasant and exciting.

We are particularly careful as we know that every client values their home and wants it to reflect their individual tastes and personality. We fully respect our clients' confidentiality and personal space, but at the same time we believe that it is very important to engage and spend time with our clients' during the evolution of the project, to understand their needs and desires - and suggesting even those details that they might never have thought important. We aim to make the process enjoyable, accessible and enriching for everyone involved.