All Things Fall – A Horrifying and Artistic Use of 3D Printing by Mat Collishaw

All Things Fall – 3D Art Printing by Collishaw

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See the video below of ‘All Things Fall’ this 3D art printing was inspired by The Massacre of the Innocents masterpieces, paintings which resonate with biblical horror. The brutality and struggle of the scenes depicted within the paintings are the epitome of classical artistic themes.   London artist Mat Collishaw, the creator of a stunning, […]


The Enlightenment. Gallery: Room 1

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The Enlightenment Gallery at the British Museum in London (founded in 1753), represents an eighteenth-century cabinet of curiosity. It is home to a large collection of curious objects, thanks to the Museum’s founder, Sir Hans Sloane (an Irish physician, natural philosopher and collector), whose bust stands proudly just inside one of the entrances of the […]

The world’s top 20 most luxurious hotels

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The world’s top 20 most luxurious hotels appeared on a survey conducted by With rates starting at £ 1,200 for the smallest room, Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah, USA (pictured, above) took the prize for the most expensive resort. Don’t be surprised if during your stay you’ll have to share the Jacuzzi with  Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad and […]

Gianni Versace’s Opulent Casa Casuarina

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From the Vogue Archive here is some stunning images of Gianni Versace’s Opulent Casa Casuarina. The style, I’ll admit, is not my cup of tea, but how can you not admire such extravaganza and attention to details? Photographed by Bruce Weber, these pictures originally appeared in “Versace’s Castle in the Sand,” by Charles Gandee, in […]

Hokaido Garden Show – Garden of sound

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  Hokaido Garden Show 2015 Daisetsu is a gardenshow, distinctive of Hokkaido, performed at the 3 gardens hold by Daisetsuzan. Ueno Farm representing Hokkaido famous gardens, Daisetsu Mori-no Garden as the main venue and Daisetsuzan National Park provide you with a garden show of the impression around the beautiful garden which leads from the ground […]

Renzo Piano - Sand Castle

Renzo piano – Sandcastle

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Renowned architect Renzo Piano is here to share his tips in a four-step guide to building the perfect sandcastle. In a piece for the Guardian, Piano—the starchitect behind the Shard skyscraper in London, the Times tower in New York, and a host of other sky high buildings—shares the sandcastle technique he’s been using all his life. […]

Heavenly Bodies

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The following pictures are from Dr. Paul Koudounaris, who recently published a book, Heavenly Bodies, in which he explains the history behind each of the decorated martyrs.

Functional Object?

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An umbrella is a functional object, but Henrik Vibskov strips it of any use, transforming it into a spiralling, sculptural object. Part Tintin’s moon rocket, part DNA double helix, this piece is mostly just very fun. Part of the Mindcraft exhibition

Eat gold!

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Ever wonder what the world’s most expensive food is? Gold wrapped  and gold embellished chocolates are pricey, but you don’t actually taste the gold.  That pleasure is limited to edible gold leaf, deemed to be the world’s most expensive food.  Edible gold leaf weighs in, so to say, at £15,000 per pound. Some white truffles […]